The current food distribution systems - global and local - rely heavily on complex infrastructures and thus lack resilience in the face of disturbances such as pandemics, natural disasters and wars, which contribute to the disappearance of local farming.
Récolte is an alternative food system that offers local producers the opportunity to sell their products directly to consumers with great flexibility and independence. Strategic spaces are identified throughout the city allowing farmers to distribute their produce in a reactive way.
To facilitate the whole process, a collection of accessories has been designed, allowing producers to harvest, condition, transport and sell their products using the same containers, thus minimizing handling and loss.The collection RÉCOLTE [harvest] allows farmers to bring field-fresh produce to market, showcase a variety of produce and celebrate their harvest.
University of Montréal
Group Project (2)
15 Weeks
Designated sale areas, accessible to producers at all times, combined with an app enabling consumers to locate their favorite local producers, and discover other sales locations throughout the city.

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